KiteLock™ 4%. A solution powerful enough to knock out the Triple Threat.

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The Triple Threat

Infection Prevention

70% of all hospital acquired bloodstream infections occur in patients with central venous access devices

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Occlusion Management

Occlusions are a common complication occurring in 14–36% of patients within 1–2 years of placement [1]

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Biofilm Eradication

Biofilm harbours microorganisms, including superbugs. One in six CLABSIs are caused by urgent or serious antibiotic-resistant threats [2]

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Proven Technology

Clinically proven to reduce infections and occlusions

Catheter Lock Solution

An optimal catheter lock solution should keep the catheter lumen patent, reduce the incidents of catheter related infection, produce minimal or no side effects, be cost effective and easy to use. Only KiteLock 4% meets these requirements. [3]

Interrelated Process

The battle against the intraluminal Triple Threat. The Triple Threat are three interrelated processes occurring inside a CVAD. Blood forms a clot inside the catheter lumen. Clots feed microorganisms. Microorganisms create biofilm. Biofilm is a sticky surface promoting clot formation. The three gears must be knocked out to avoid further CVAD complications or the cycle repeats.

Safe for Children

To date, children catheter lock solutions have been used off-label and compounded products are the standard of care. KiteLock 4% is the only globally approved lock solution safe enough for children.

Non-antibiotic, Antimicrobial

By using KiteLock 4% infections are prevented and therefore the use of antibiotics is avoided. KiteLock 4% fits with antibiotic stewardship programs worldwide by sparing the use of important antibiotic agents, targeting prevention rather than the expensive treatment of hospital acquired infections. [5]

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Founded in 2011, this Canadian-owned and operated company is dedicated to fighting against the threat of serious infections

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