Sterile care develops the preventative and treatment related solutions to fight against the threat of serious infections.

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To Provide effective solutions to reduce preventable complications associated with healthcare acquired infections, thereby improving the quality of care, aligning with global action plans on antimicrobial resistance and saving lives. SterileCare has a proprietary disinfectant solution that will significantly reduce the incidence of hospital acquired infections which are becoming increasingly more complicated to prevent and treat.

Hospital acquired infections are widely reported to cause unnecessary financial burden on the healthcare system, dramatically reduce the quality of healthcare and result in preventable losses of life. SterileCare’s products are focused on improving the quality of care to patients requiring medical treatment in Canadian healthcare facilities.


Karen Mueller


Karen is a biomedical executive leader, entrepreneur and visionary. She spent her career in life sciences, initially, as a registered nurse with a specialty in vascular access and then as a top National medical sales executive.

Karen has served on the Steering Committee for the Canadian Vascular Access and Infusion Therapy Guidelines and as well as a member of the Canadian Vascular Access Association (CVAA).

Karen is responsible for all global activity associated with SterileCare and represents the organization to the financial community, healthcare clinicians, government officials, shareholders and the public.

Dr. Chantal Lainesse


Dr. Lainesse is part of a distinguished group of global leaders in Antimicrobial Stewardship and is a board-certified clinical pharmacologist and veterinarian. She leads SterileCare’s industry and research collaborations and advises on drug discovery, development, manufacturing and quality with Global pharmaceutical companies.

Dr. Lainesse’s goal is to pioneer biomedical technology that prevents infections and deaths resulting from complications from superbugs and biofilm. She has been a distinguished speaker and presenter at Canadian universities and conferences around the world. She is currently a member of several national and international scientific societies. Dr. Lainesse is also the author of several peer-reviewed scientific journal articles.


Women of Influence RBC Entrepreneur Nominee

Nominee RBC Women of the Year, 2020

First Women led Mission to South Korea

Trade Commissioner, Chosen representative, 2020

Southlake Regional Health Centre Innovation Award

Impact Award, 2017

Innovation Award

VentureLab Impact Award, 2016

VentureLab Impact Award

Innovation Award, 2016

Entrepreneur Award and CEO in Residence Program

Discovery Parks, 2012


MaRS, Embedded Executive Award

Chief Strategy Officer, 2018

Ontario Centre of Excellence (OCE)

Value Based Procurement Grant, 2015-2017

MaRS, Embedded Executive Award

Chief Financial Officer, 2016

MaRS, Embedded Executive Award

2012 & 2013

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Testi #2 - Since Keira started on Kitelock™ 4% four years ago, she has not been to the hospital once for a line blockage – it’s been life-changing for all of us!

Seana. G., ON - Testi #2

Testi #3 - Since Keira started on Kitelock™ 4% four years ago, she has not been to the hospital once for a line blockage – it’s been life-changing for all of us!

Testi #3 - Seana. G., ON